Rhonda Nass



“You could NEVER be an artist” –my high school art teacher’s words. If you’ve ever been told you “can’t do” something, there swells an incredible motivation to reach for the unreachable, right? My teacher’s edict was just the impetus a stubborn teenager needed to catapult her into the field of art. The day after receiving a University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Education degree, I married a classmate, Rick Nass. Three years later we birthed Ampersand, our art business. After fifty-five years we continue to draw and paint, now from our home/studio in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

Whether working in graphite, colored pencil, scratchboard, or acrylic, drawing and painting are non-verbal ways I express gratitude to God for sharing His heart and creativity with me (partially seen through my chosen subject, the natural world). I hope the joy permeating the process of creating the works reveals itself and becomes contagious for every viewer.

“Biology of Plants” textbook (Peter Raven/Ray Evert/Susan Eichhorn), United Nations Postal Administration stamps, drawings chosen for China’s Zhejiang Museum of Natural History Collection and the Hunt Institute.

ASBA, The Colored Pencil Society of America, The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.




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