Nicole Oliver Pentucci



Nicole has drawn and painted since childhood, but it was the refined work of Giovanna Garzoni in a Medici cookbook that first drew her to botanical art. In researching Garzoni’s gouache methods, she applied to join the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma course, graduating in September 2020 with distinction.

Inspiration has also come from the restoration of her own 500-year-old farm cottage. Making the gardens has developed her sense of design, light and form. From there, a love of gardens, gardening and plants has followed. She enjoys the tension between the rigour of the botanical approach, recording subtle minutiae while conveying the dynamic and drama of the plant’s quiet power.

Each of her botanical sitters brings fresh intrigue, unlocked slowly through intense scrutiny. She looks for the bee’s eye perspective and a contemporary take on texture and form. In particular, the transitory nature of light and shade. Gouache can become delicate calling for meticulous layering, so it is a slow process. She also works in watercolour, oils, pastel and pen and ink. She explains: “I’m very lucky, this countryside, its rich rural heritage inspires me on a daily basis and I love to explore this legacy in my botanical studies.”

• B.Ed. (Hons): First 1999; CIOL
• SBA DCDL 2018- Dip SBA (Dist.)
• Exhibition Plantae – LONDON – 2020
• Exhibition Plantae – online – 2021 Exhibiting Excellence Award
• Exhibition Plantae – LONDON – 2022


Instagram: @nicoleoliverpentucci