Nguyen Khánh Ly



Determined to pursue a career for the love of art and nature, she attended professional art classes and worked hard to become a Botanical Artist with the breath of modern life. The main characteristic of her work is her different view of creatures, which can balance both her insider conceptual approach and her love for national flora. Ly Nguyen believes that this simple purification comes from her eyes for life and her living environment and is what all great artists have had throughout history.

I normally work with watercolour on paper, recently I learned to paint with silk. I discovered myself through the drawing process and learning more about botanical art, which includes species research, creating a botanical sketchbook page, drawing the dessin version, and finally the final artwork, which occasionally includes a recorded video that I mostly study from the Kew gardens and Shirley Sherwood Collection video on YouTube.

Doing art has been my favorite thing since I was a child. I have been inspired by classical watercolour artists such as William Henry Hunt, Jacque le Moynes and then I learned about Botanical Art. It was a miracle moment when I first saw a Lily growing by the roadside; it looked exactly like the one that was placed in “The Book of Flowers.” by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. For me, I can compare it with the feeling you get if you see a fairy in real life, which I never had before.

*My exhibitions:

Plantae Documentary 2022 | Cheng-Mei Art Gallery, Zhanghua, Taiwan | 2022 The Gardeners VCCA Art Center, Hanoi, Vietnam 2023

Young Creative Exhibition | University Department, Hanoi, Vietnam | 2023 Young Botanical Artist | Shirley Sherwood Collection, London, UK 2023

*My awards:

Silver Medal | Plantae Documentary 2022, Taiwan 2022 First Prize | Young Botanical Artist Competition, UK | 2023

*My plans:

  • Doing botanical art on silk and to write an article about experimenting with it
  • Painting a small collection called “Treasure box”
  • Workshop in February, art talk…. and more!

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My Youtube: LyK Artist