Natalia Alatortseva



Natalia Alatortseva is a Russian botanical artist, currently based in Moscow. She graduated  Moscow State University, biological faculty, department of plant ecology and geography in 2001. Three years of botanical illustration for practical botany courses were significant parts of her biological education. Afterwards she studied painting (landscape, still life, Japanese ink painting) from various artists. Drawing and botany were combined when she has participated in illustration of the Atlas of the “Plants of Russia” in 2014. Now botanical art is an essential part of her life.

Displaying the accuracy of the plant morphology and aesthetic expressiveness are both important for her. She likes to observe and draw wild species and cultivated variations too. Her idea is to tell stories about a plant’s life, ages, spirits and life plans through their portraits.

Her artworks are in the collections of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Florilegium, the State Biological Museum (Moscow) and private collections. Periodically she gives botanical illustration workshops at the Moscow State University Botanical Garden and online.

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