Minju Kim



Minju is a well-known Korean botanist and horticultural biotechnology doctor. Originally, Minju graduated from the Department of Industrial Design and began to paint. She studied at the Department of Oriental Painting at the Graduate School of Fine Arts with the aim of spreading the fascinating aspects of plant detail using traditional Korean materials to the world.

Her works are known to the world from those using watercolours to those using traditional Korean ingredients such as hanji or silk.

She was also selected as a master of Botanical Art by the Korean Culture and Arts Masters Association, a corporation, and is a teacher who teaches Botanical Art in Korea at various education centers and students from abroad.

Minju has produced four educational textbooks from the non-profit Division corporation Botanical Art Agency of Korea, where she is currently chairman.

Web: www.baak.or.kr/sub09/sub01.php

Email: baakorea@gmail.com