Min Jung Kim



I completed my Ph.D. in Biopharmaceuticals. Previously, the functionality of plants was evaluated; natural substances and new drug candidates were studied. Now, it is fun to observe and express the beauty of plants along with their efficacy. I am currently serving as one of the branch presidents of the Botanical Art Agency of Korea where I am actively taking part in art activities and teaching art to others.

I usually draw plants that are common around me using coloured pencils and traditional Korean materials. In addition to the main parts of plants that receive attention, such as flowers and fruits, I am hoping to be able to take a new look at the beauty of all parts, including leaves and stems.

I won the Special Award for drawing of a Rose in the International Botanical Art Competition & Exhibition 2021 and the National Assembly Award for the drawing of Lilies in the International Art Contest of BAAK (Botanical Art  Agency of Korea).  It also participates in medicinal plant exhibitions and a number of exhibitions in Korea every year.


Instagram: @botanicalart_mingo

E-mail: mjangela@naver.com