Michelle EunYoung Song



Michelle EunYoung Song is a botanical artist in Seoul, South Korea.

She specializes in coloured & graphite pencil work but she loves to draw in a variety of materials.
She thinks that the accurate and precise lines in coloured pencil drawing can describe more than any other explanation. If she decides to draw a plant,  she chooses the proper material to express her inspiration from the plant. She grows many plants in her atelier and observes the life cycle through the seasons, learning the characteristics of the plant. In particular, she enjoys understanding the patterns of plants.

Michelle’s botanical art class is running in ‘L’Atelier de Michelle’ in Seoul, South Korea. Her first book ‘Basic Botanical art’ and coloring book were published in Korea in April 2019. An English version will be published soon.


2014 Gold Medal - The Botanical art contest of 'The Botanical Artists Society of Korea' was held under the supervision of Faber-Castell

2016 SBA exhibition - Certificate of Botanical Merit ‘Helianthocereus macrogonus cv.cristata’
2016 SBA exhibition - Derwent Award
2016 SBA exhibition - Highly commended works for the Joyce Cuming Memorial Award

2017 SBA exhibition - Strathmore Bursary Award ‘Field Poppies’

2019 SBA exhibition - Certificate of Botanical Merit ‘Monkey Puzzle’

Contact Details

Web: https://botanicalartmichelle.modoo.at/
Email: art_michelle@naver.com