Mariko Aikawa SBA



Mariko lives in Japan. After working at the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Tokyo as an interpreter/translator, she took up botanical illustration in 2004. She became a member of the SBA in 2009. Since then she has been enjoying exhibiting at SBA exhibitions. She also exhibits in Australia as well as in Japan.

She is fond of drawing native plants of Japan. At the same time she has recently developed special interests to Tillandsia family.

While growing Tillandsias at home, she has a specialist nursery for Tillandsia nearby. With their kind help she is now enthusiastic to draw various Tillandsias very unique with shapes, sizes, colours and fragrances. She hopes she will have chances to exhibit them in near future


2010 Highly commended, The Joyce Cuming Presentation Award, SBA
2011 Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl, SBA
2011 & 2012 Certificate of Botanical Merit, SBA

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