Maria Oktyabrskaya



Maria Oktyabrskaya is a professional artist and a teacher. She was born in Moscow, Russia and lives there. She got two degrees of higher education, the first of which is artistic which she received in 2002. She started working on botanical art in 2020. Using mostly acrylic paints, Maria creates her images on canvas on cardboard or wooden panels with body colour in a multi-layered technique. The artist also has a set of skills in graphics and watercolour.

The style of such work can be defined as decorative botanical painting. The examples of botanical illustration of the past inspire Maria in her searches. In her compositions she likes to emphasize the unbreakable bond between plants and animals, which is why insects, lizards, mice and other creatures can be easily found in her works.

For the last three years Maria has taken part in 35 exhibitions and educational projects, including final exhibitions of SABA (Russia) 2021-2023; annual exhibitions of Botanical Art in Saint-Petersburg 2022,2023; project “Disappearing Beauty of Russia”.

Society of Artists of Botanical Art (SABA) fellow member. Was awarded a diploma for virtuoso use of non-traditional medium in botanical art (SABA final exhibition 2022).