Liz Shippam



As a child Liz spent many hours painting and drawing, and left school at 16 to study a preliminary course at West Sussex College of Art and Design. However, she then set off to see the world, spending time in Europe and then South East Asia. It was only in 2011, after decades without picking up a paintbrush, that Liz rediscovered her love of painting and began working in watercolour for the first time, to paint botanical subjects.

She finds the detail and accuracy required are well matched to her method of painting, which involves gradually building up layers of paint until the required depth and intensity of colour is achieved. Liz’s primary aim is to communicate to the viewer what attracts her to her subject matter, whether form, texture or the subtle colours of the natural world. She is particularly drawn to fruit which changes as it ripens, capturing its transient beauty at a particular moment in time.

Liz has been a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists since 2014 and has had her work selected for their Annual International exhibition every year, and regularly exhibits in the United Kingdom. She also works on commercial projects and has produced fruit illustrations for a number of clients for use on packaging.

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