Kim Yeonuk



I majored in bioengineering in college and bio education in graduate school, and participated in various environmental ecology surveys as part of a laboratory, observing and identifying small organisms using an electron microscope.

Later, I taught biology to students in high school.

As I observed tiny parts through a microscope, I became interested in the minute parts of plants. Later, as I personally grew, observed, and disassembled plants, I became interested in their structure and function.

I seek to express the actual size of the plant.

I mainly use water-based coloured pencils and use a water brush for finishing work.


– 2022 Silver Award at the Botanical Art Competition in Korea.


– Completed botanical art instructor course at Korea Botanical Art Cooperative (kbac).

– Acquired Certificate of Qualification Instructor of Botanical Art.

– Republic of Korea Middle School Teacher Certificate (Science: Biology)

Exhibition experience

– The Botanical Art Show Korea (2022)

– Korea Botanical arts cooperative Exhibition (2022)

– Botanical art Exhibition by KBAC Ulsan (2022)

– Open gallery Exhibition in Taehwaru pavilion (2022)

– Beautiful eyes art festival in ulsan (2019, 2020, 2022)

– Exhibition at Yanglim Art Museum in Gwangju (scheduled for 2023)

Instagram: @emma_botanical_notes