Katherine Lawrie



Since leaving the Surrey Institute of Art & Design and Edinburgh College of Art, I have been working as a jewellery designer-maker for over twenty years. I create one off detailed pieces, inspired by textures and forms in the world around us.

I often use a technique called roller texturing. Lace, leaves, feathers and petals leave a beautiful imprint in the surface of the precious metal. The object disintegrates but leaves the metal with a rich texture. Using this technique involves a lot of happy accidents, keeping the designs fresh and often unique; this creates my work’s enduring quality.

I create modern heirlooms which are very easy to wear for both special occasions and every day. My jewellery can be very evocative, the pressing of a special leaf from a place visited once, or grandma’s lace or even a hair from a horse’s tail.

My work is inspired by nature, wildlife and its symbolism. My latest collection of work, Tales of the Countryside is inspired by the creatures that visit our garden, and the plants that grow in the hedgerows surrounding.

In 2009 I became an associate member of the Society of Botanical Artists. In February 2012 I was made a full member/fellow of the Society. I have shown in every London exhibition since then, and participated in two exhibitions at the Palmengarten, Frankfurt.

I participate regularly in Open Houses and art trails along the south coast.

My work can be found in several stockists in West Sussex, and Eidos Contemporary Jewelry, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Details of this and more about my work can be found on my website.

Contact Details

Web: Http://www.klawriejewellery.co.uk