Katherine Durkin



Katherine is a mixed media artist who lives in Murcia, Spain. She studied Fine Art painting at Coventry University and was awarded First Class in 1997, then studied at UCL Birmingham for a P.G.C.E. 15 years of teaching Art &Design in secondary schools followed.

Through a love of drawing and the visual qualities of etched drawings, Katherine bought an etching press. She begun to develop her art practice whilst teaching art workshops.

Drawing and hiking (and horses) are her favourite things. The experience of the outdoors is the initial delight. Then creating artwork describing what was encountered, brings its own nostalgia and contemplation.

Her choice of subject matter are trees and plants. Initial observed drawings play out using mixed media or print making processes. The surface becomes a two-dimensional stage where elements (tendrils, branches, natural forms) explore a space where she participates in the choreography and then watches the dance unfold.

Exhibitions of botanical works:

2023 Plantae. The Mall Galleries, London.

2022 Annual Open Exhibition. The Royal Cambrian Academy, Wales

2021 UK Coloured Pencil Society for 20th Anniversary Gala Exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo, South Bank, London

Website: Katherine Durkin Fine Artist (kathdurkin.com)

Email: kathdurkin@yahoo.co.uk