Julie Whelan



Julie was born and educated in West Yorkshire and moved to London for a career working in the care profession. Living with a chronic lung condition, Julie was forced to give up a job she loved-working with sick children. Julie was determined to do something with her life and after such a demanding job she found that she had spare time she didn’t know she had to pursue her love of creation within the natural world.

My inspiration coming from nature led me to study botanical art with the Society of Botanical Artists. I graduated in April 2012 with credit.

Not only has Julie’s botanical art helped her develop a more positive outlook to life, she has found a talent that she didn’t know she had and it has opened a new chapter in her life.

Julie was recently set another life challenge and recently finished intensive treatment for breast cancer. Again Julie turned to her artwork to help her escape from her health issues.

Art has now been recognized as being beneficial as both participation and creating an environment for healing. There is now an overwhelming body of evidence demonstrating that participating in the arts and having access to artworks can dramatically improve clinical outcomes for both mental and physical health.

Julie finds that her artwork certainly helps her escape from health issues; escapism to a safe place. Julie works mainly in watercolour. In February Julie was awarded Associate Membership to The Society of Botanical Artists.  In 2015 Julie was accepted to exhibit with the RHS and then she was accepted as a full member by the SBA in 2016.

Exhibition History

August 2012-Solo exhibition-Dugdale Centre Enfield
September 2012-Solo exhibition-Capel Manor College Enfield
April 2013-The Society of Botanical Artists annual exhibition-Ranked highly commended for the Joyce cuming presentation award.
May/June 2013-Botanical Art in Bloom exhibition, Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland
July/September 2013-Botanical Art Expo exhibition, Claregalway Castle Ireland
April 2014-The Society of Botanical Artists annual exhibition
June/November 2014-Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital Arts-Exhibition Harefield Hospital (Part of paintings in hospitals, which supplies visual art for patients, staff and visitors)
November/December 2014-Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital Arts-Exhibition Royal Brompton Hospital (Part of paintings in hospitals, which supplies visual art for patients, staff and visitors)
December 2014/February 2015-Staff and patient exhibition-Royal Brompton Hospital ( Julie is a patient at this hospital) Professor David Rayson-Head of painting at the Royal College of art awarded 3rd prize.
April 2015-The Society of Botanical Artists Annual exhibition
2016 SBA 2016 exhibition - Presented with the Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl
2017 - Won a highly commended award
2019 - Exhibited in the SBA Plantae exhibition.
April 2022 - Won a SIlver-Gilt medal at the RHS show or her series of Passiflora paintings

Contact Details

Email: whelan37@btinternet.com