Izabela Maliszewska-Skiejka



Izabela Maliszewska-Skiejka is a mixed-media artist currently based in Warsaw, Poland. She works as a 3D artist specializing in creating 3D foliage for video games. She discovered traditional botanical illustration through her 3D work, and decided to pursue it learning from various workshops and books.

As a botanical artist she works mainly in watercolours, but also dabbles in other media, including colour pencils, graphite, silverpoint and ink. She enjoys discovering new techniques and possibilities they offer. Izabela finds the unusual forms of life the most inspiring, the more complicated and bizarre the structures of her subjects are the better. She considers the geometrical and fractal forms in nature fascinating and aesthetically pleasing. The shapes, forms, structures and volumes of the outside world are what call her to create, so the inspiration is never-ending and always can be found just around the corner. And even though she can find interesting subjects anywhere, travel continues to be the largest catalyst for her creative process.

CONTACT: Instagram: @izabela_maliszewska_art