Isabel Mischka



Born in Austria, I always had a big fascination with both art and nature, spending my childhood with my hands deep in either paint or local ponds, catching frogs and snails or collecting flowers to press.
I have a background in fine art and design as well as agriculture which led to my botanical interest.

I had been working with watercolour for a few years before dipping my toe into botanical art for the first time and falling in love instantly.
In 2020 I finished my diploma in botanical illustration at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and I am now aspiring to work as an artist full time.

My paintings range from expressive contemporary art to scientific illustrations, but I am always striving for a realistic depiction of the subject, intense colour and a maximum of details.
Artistically I am often drawn to ordinary plants, trying to capture their subtle and sometimes hidden beauty, which is often overlooked in everyday life.

I am a Fellow Member of the Society of Botanical Artists (since 2020) and a Member of the Vienna School of Botanical Illustration (since 2019).