Inês-Hermione Mulford



I am a realist oil painter living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. I came to botany through an unconventional route as I started my career as a surgical artist. It was through shadowing surgeons across various projects that I came to understand anatomy and the finite functions of the body, which led me to, and bear with me, find similarities in properties between organs and plants, predominantly bryophytes. Which led me to study in earnest the wonderful world of macro-plants that had fascinated me my whole life.

With a background in social anthropology, and a passion for science, I am a research-based artist. I work from a combination of field work (you can often find me face down in the Scottish moorlands), essays, textbooks, photographs, and drawings from life, in the creation of paintings and drawings that depict these wonderful macro-landscapes, as I call them.

I won the Making a Mark award at the Plantae exhibition in 2022, and in 2023 won an award with the John Byrne award for a botanical/anatomical painting of a set of sphagnum lungs. I am a member of the British Bryological Society, founder of the Nature Collective, and currently artist in residence and co-curator at the Dundee Botanic Gardens; where I am organising an annual program of events, workshops, walks, talks, conferences, and exhibitions at the intersection of art and science.