Hazel Rush


Hazel Rush studied Fine Art at Sunderland College of Art receiving a Diploma in Art and Design with second class Honours. She spent time working in Sweden and Germany in Ceramics. Her teaching career spans 30 years; Head of Art at a High School, Adult Tutor in ceramics painting and drawing. Watercolour was her speciality. She progressed to running a studio and teaching seven classes a week. Her work featured landscapes. Many were exhibited in galleries in the North East, Norfolk and regularly in her studio.

Her Botanical Art developed later and does combine some of her former interest in landscapes. Her favourite flower is the poppy and inspiration is drawn from her large garden. Often the chosen species is drawn on site or a visit to Gardens and Nurseries offer inspiration.  Her landscape knowledge gives her the opportunity to explore habitat and environment. Her favourite colours are pinks and purples. Most paintings are developed from detailed drawings and paintings until the final composition is arrived at.

Diploma S B A ( Dist ) S B A  2010    Margaret Granger memorial silver bowl 2012    S B A Exhibition London 2011  2012  –  2015  Broadway Arts Festival  June 2012   Palmengarten Exhibition Frankfurt  2012  2014  Luton Hoo Walled Garden Exhibition  2013  Iceni Botanical Artists Exhibition Norfolk  2010 –2015