Fozia Shafique



Fozia is a botanical artist from the UK who has always had an interest and flair for art, particularly painting and drawing. She went on to study Printed Textiles at university where floral elements were an integral part of her work. She is now an experienced art teacher who continues to promote her passion for the subject, as well as the benefits of The Arts with her students.

After being inspired by the quality of work produced by her students, she decided to return to her own art. Within several months, Fozia received notable success as the runner-up in a popular art competition. After visiting the 2023 Plantae exhibition for the first time, Fozia, inspired and enthused, set herself the challenge of becoming a fellow member of the Society of Botanical Artists. After immersing herself in studying botanical art by learning and practising, at the end of 2023, her goal was achieved. Fozia has a keen eye for detail and strives to portray the beauty of the botanical world in her art. Fozia’s preferred medium is gouache due to its versatility in how it can be used as watercolour or acrylic.

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