Emma van Klaveren



After Art College and a Bachelor of Arts in the History of Art, I began my artistic career as a muralist and decorative painter on large scales in the world of interiors. My second career was as an art teacher at two UK junior schools, leading their Art Departments and in 2014 I retrained to be a botanical artist based in London, UK.
My process begins with the plants themselves. I’m a keen amateur gardener and my garden is full of plants that I grow to serve as muses for future commissions. I also source more unusual plant subjects from specialist growers around the UK. I’m fascinated by the beauty and detail of plants, seeking to capture them in their prime. I start my portraits by sketching them in pencil and then begin painting from several perspectives. I also photograph the plant and create a chart of colour mixes. Dissection is also part of the preparation process so that I can fully understand the construction of the plant, followed by compositional experiments using tracing paper. After lightly outlining the plant on hot-pressed thick watercolour paper in an HB pencil, I colour it in layers with richly pigmented watercolour, which is the traditional medium for botanical artists. Botanical art is a longstanding traditional art form with many established rules and I enjoy pushing the boundaries to suit my style to create a contemporary botanical portrait. I’m here to bring the outside in creating bespoke botanical paintings and illustrations that uplift brand communications and inspire personal spaces.
I have a Diploma with Merit from The Chelsea School of Botanical Art, I am an SBA Fellow, a Painting and Committee Member of The Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society, a Member of The American Society of Botanical Artists, and Amicus Botanicus. I also sit on the Committee of The Association of Botanical Artists.
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