Elizabeth Coventry



My working life was in fashion. I graduated from St Martins Art School with an honours degree and after working in the fashion industry for a few years, I started my own business. This was in haute couture, working to an exacting standard. The attention to detail and the striving for perfection required, proved to be a very good foundation for botanical art which I took up on my retirement.
I was drawn to working in colour pencil which had always been my favourite medium. I have stayed loyal and have twice won the Derwent Prize awarded at the SBA’s annual exhibition. This is for exceptional work in colour pencil.
The examples of my work shown here, demonstrate the range of subject  that I like to use. From a single small leaf of a Japanese anemone growing in my garden, to the large exotic leaves of a Wigandia caracasana growing in Spain. I have used the Cyclamen picture for a fabric print and I plan to create more textile designs from my work.