Caroline Jamfrey



A former archaeological illustrator whose work has appeared in many academic publications as well as in heritage displays, Caroline began painting plants after starting work as a gardener. Arrested by the incredible beauty and variety of plants in her work she picked up her pencil again to record them. Used to drawing to high levels of accuracy and detail she enjoys depicting minute structures with as much clarity as possible.

Caroline draws from life, making colour notes, then backs this up with a series of photos for reference in the studio. With a passion for colour, she loves the Dutch flower paintings of 17th C and likes to create complete images rather than traditional botanical illustrations. The garden is at the heart of her images, with the insects seen on the plants often appearing in her paintings.

She gained a diploma in botanical art from the SBA (dist) in 2022 and has exhibited at Plantae as well as at venues locally. She has worked in watercolour to date but is starting to experiment with tempera inspired by 14th C European religious art and the radiance of colour achieved by the artists of that age as well as their passion for their subject.

Instagram: @carolinejamfrey