Bobbi Angell



Bobbi Angell illustrates plants for scholarly texts, created expressly for recognition and identification of plant species. Working in close collaboration with scientists at the New York Botanical Garden and other scientific institutions around the world, botanical training with keen observational skills and artistic sensibilities leads to detailed illustrations, drawn from herbarium specimens, pickled flowers, photographs and field sketches. With observations under a microscope, magnified details are especially interesting to illustrate new species. Pen and ink drawings compliment the pages of scholarly texts including Orchid Flora of the Greater Antilles, Intermountain Flora, Vines and Climbing Plants of Puerto Rico, and Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central French Guiana, with several thousand species illustrated, many new to science.

Bobbi’s copper etchings are hand-printed in small editions. Each selection of etchings reflects a personal involvement with the plant subject, whether observed in the wild or selected from the rich diversity of her garden. Orchids, fritillaries, tropical vines and native plants find their way onto copper plates where they are each given a distinct personality.

Art has been included in publications including John Scheepers Kitchen Garden, The New York Times garden column and its compilation books, and popular memoirs. A Botanist’s Vocabulary was published in 2016 and Darwin and The Art of Botany was published in 2023. Bobbi received 2006 recipient of Jill Smythies Award from the Linnean Society of London and ASBA Award for Excellence in the Service of Science.