Annie Cassez



After many eclectic studies in Art, Art History and Decorative Arts, I have pursued a career as a professional painter for forty years now, taking part in numerous group and solo exhibitions. For the last fifteen years, I have opened up my own studio where I teach classical drawing, oil painting, pastels and now botanical art.

In 2016, while taking a diploma in ethnobotany, I discovered the world of botanical art and dropped everything else! I am mostly interested in wild plants but also, as an ethnobotanist, in fruits and vegetables. I pay careful attention to composition, sticking to accuracy in the coloured parts and taking liberties in the clear lines to balance the composition and underline the focal point.

In 2018, I had three drawings selected by the SFIB for the Worldwide Exhibition. Since then, I have illustrated books and a film about agroecology and taken part in the 7th International Botanical Art Invitation in South Korea.

My works have been also shown in London, Brussels and the USA.