Anna Maria Aulicino


Anna Maria Aulicino was born in Rome and lives in San Giovanni Teaatino (CH). She has been Professor of Design and Art History and professor of art education for 25 years. She had a long experience in the field of figurative painting preparing solo and group exhibitions in several Italian cities (Rome, Pescara, Verona, Ferrara, Milan, Como, Taranto, etc.) She has written several books of poetry and fiction, winning several prizes in festivals held in the regions of Umbria, Tuscany, Abruzzo. Paintings are present in the catalog of Modern Art and the National Regional published by Bolaffi /Mondadori and in the Dictionary of Contemporary Art New Florence Italy and in other editions of the sector. It has been present at the Book Fair in Turin in 1993 with its own collection of poems inspired by nature and personally illustrated, winning several prestigious awards.

The very strong love of nature led her to the issues of botanical painting, deepening their content in courses given by the painter Maria Rita Sons in Genoa and later in the Botanical Gardens Hanbury in England, in the ‘Botanical Garden of Rome by Professor Luca Palermo, in Umbria by the English painter Sandra Armitage SBA from London.

She further enhanced her knowledge in 2005 in a selection in the Master Class of Venice organized by Dr. Sherwood and held by painter internationally renowned Australian Jenny Phillips. She followed the challenging course of painting Botany held for over two years by the SBA (Botanical Artists Society), a prestigious association of British artists botanists, graduating with distinction and after getting two shows at the Annual Exhibition 2010-2011 Associate Member. The panel depicting the Amaryllis Belladonna was chosen for the realization of Greeting Cards of the same company for the next five years.

She has exhibited at the prestigious Royal Society of London Horticultural for three years and always awarded with medals at the Flower Show and the Best in Show Award BBC Gardeners’ World Live Birmingham. Illustrated calendars for the Alpine Botanical Garden of Campo Imperatore and the Natural Reserve of San Venancio Bosco in the Abruzzo region, and in the series Fantura tables with natural and ISPRA Rome the table for the manual and guidelines on conservation biodiversity, table cover for guidelines on wild species (in press).

She has taught courses, Painting Botany at the Art Center of Dedalus Castiglione a Casauria (PE). He has participated in exhibitions of Art Botanical by the Collective Exhibition of Via Palestro in Milan-Orticola 2002 Anversa degli Abruzzi (AQ), Calvi of Umbria (TR), Botanical Garden of Rome, Palermo Botanical Garden, Florence, Bressanone, Abbey Neustift (LU) “Ancient Camellias of Lucca”, Villa Manin in Codroipo (PN), Salerno, Cisterna di Fermo, Palazzo Natta in Novara, Euroflora 2006 in Genoa three personal exhibitions in the Botanical Gardens in Abruzzo Lama Peligni (CH) , Eufemia a Maiella (PE) and Flora Street in Montesilvano (PE). Also in the period August / September 2012 took part in a solo exhibition in Floristic Research Center in the National Park of Gran Sasso in Barisciano (AQ). In 2013 he participates in the Botanical Art Into the third Millennium Museum Garfica of Pisa. In 2014 and 2015 solo exhibition at the Arboretum G.Cipressi FAI in Manoppello (PE) in the Abruzzo region.