Alla Rasskazova



Alla is a botanical artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. A professional financier working in banking, but art and nature were always important areas of her inspiration. Botanical art was a key artistic practice that Alla selected in 2021 after graduation from Spirtus Botanical Art School with further professional development in Natalia’s Kupchyk Art School during 2022-2023.

Behind each of her artworks, there is a real person, event, memory or story that impressed or worried. For Alla, a flower is not just a flower, aesthetically pleasing to see and to paint, something clear and perfect. She is searching for senses and emotions that could relieve the anxiety and world pressure we experience each day.

She came to a botanical style because it fits her perfectionist nature with a considered and planned approach but allows her to be happy and free in expression with the watercolor flow. Water is a key element for the life of any creature of Nature, that’s why watercolour perfectly matches the natural healing concept she puts inside her art.

Up to 2024 Alla became an SBA Fellow Member and has participated in several botanical exhibitions in Ukraine during 2023. 

At the 2023 annual exhibition of Society of Ukrainian Botanical Artists she received a silver medal and sponsor’s recognition award.

Alla’s most recent projects focused on endangering species, researching mosses as one of the most ancient and mysterious of plants.

CONTACT: Instagram ara_rasskazova_alla