Alison Finch



I have always drawn and created since childhood and so it was inevitable that I would go to art college.
After a foundation course at Ealing School of Art I took a three year diploma course at Harrow College in Fashion and Textiles.
I have since had a long and successful career in the fashion industry as a designer, travelling the world and working for many well-known high street brands. During my busy working life,
travelling, and even living as far afield as Shanghai, China, and so I have only dipped in and out of painting over the years.
After leaving China in 2013, I decided to focus on botanical painting, which gives a great base in accurate drawing, and painting in watercolour.  I have taken various classes
and workshops to learn different techniques, find inspiration, and to develop my own style, which is still evolving.
Botanical painting is a great opportunity to  take the time to study and concentrate on theform and habit of plants.  I enjoy painting larger than life so that you can see more of that detail.
I am drawn to painting the unusual; exotic plants, large blooms, dried seedheads, interesting colours and patterns, and from the natural world, bees and butterflies, feathers and shells.
I have been exhibiting and selling work for the last ten years in and around Somerset and Dorset, independently, and with the South West Society of Botanical Artists.
I am also a fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists and exhibit annually in ‘Plantae’ at the Mall Galeries in London.
As I now live in Somerset I participated in Somerset Art Weeeks Open Studios in 2023 which was a great opportunity to show work to the public in my own space.
This year I also exhibited at the RHS Art and Photography Show at the Saatchi Gallery in London, as part of the SWSBA group for a second time, and our entry for this year’s show ‘Wild West’ was again awarded a silver medal.
I recently contributed five botanical illustrations towards a reference book for a research fellow at Canterbury University, yet to be published
As a designer I use many of my paintings as everyday art cards, and homewares which are available on my website: OakleyFinch and Not on the High Street, alongside original artwork.