Alison Cutts


I am an artist and scientific illustrator working in rural Northumberland (UK).  I have a Biology PhD from Leeds University and a Diploma in Botanical Illustration (with Distinction) from the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. My career began as a scientist, and my artistic process begins with observation. I look, see, analyse and dissect. Then I draw to understand. Then I draw again in response, to explain, interpret and communicate.

I describe and explain the structures, shapes and textures of plants and animals and the space around them in two dimensions, with or without the use of colour. The white space around and between my subjects is as important to me as the objects themselves. I am fascinated by complex forms, repeating patterns and spirals. I work in a range of media including watercolour, ink and coloured pencil, but always using many elements to build up the image. This could be many tiny dots of ink or many layers of transparent colour.

I produce formal, technical scientific illustrations suitable for academic papers, textbooks and field guides as well as bold, contemporary paintings of plants.


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