Becoming a Member

The Path to Membership – becoming a member

The Society is always seeking new members whose work is of a consistently high standard, to join and benefit from everything the Society has to offer.


Becoming an Associate member

The Selection Committee Council elects new Associate members from the non-members who submit work to the Annual Exhibition. To become an Associate member, an artist must establish a record of accepted work showing a consistent standard: the minimum period required to establish this record is two years which means that the artist must have submitted five works and had ALL five works accepted for two consecutive years: that is ten out of ten works accepted in total over two successive years.

The Selection Committee usually sits once a year at the Annual Open Exhibition and Associate membership is automatic for those applicants who fit the criteria above.  There is no need to make any special indication to be considered as a Candidate, our records will show this.  Whilst the process may appear difficult, it is not impossible and, if unsuccessful, artists can apply with a new set of five works in successive years.  Works, which were accepted in past years as Accepted Not Hung (ANH), may not be submitted as part of the quota for Associate membership in the current year.

Artists who have been awarded a Distinction from the Society’s Distance Learning Diploma Course may submit five works to apply for Associate membership. The Society wants to see evidence that the students have progressed after the course and so all of these five pieces must be new works.  Those who graduated with Distinction and wish to apply for fast track membership should submit  work digitally and then send an email to [email protected] to let the Selection Committee know.

.Alternatively, an artist who has won two or more of the highest international awards such as the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold Medals could, entirely at the discretion of the Selection Committee, be invited to take up membership on presentation of five works of the requisite standard in the first year of application.  Those who have won other awards and wish to apply for fast track membership should submit work digitally and then send an email to [email protected] to let the Selection Committee know.

Artists who are elected to Associate membership will be advised in writing and they will be entitled to use AssocSBA after their name.  The annual subscription of £150 will be due to the Membership Secretary on 1 January 2018.

Attaining full membership

After being elected as an Associate Member, artists are able to apply for full membership in the following year.  Again five new works must be submitted.  Election to full membership is entirely at the discretion of the Selection Committee and is not automatic. Full membership entitles the use of SBA after a member’s name, signifying a guarantee of excellence in the world of botanical painting. The annual subscription for full membership is £175.00