Mall Galleries have now informed us that the gallery is closed with immediate effect (March 19th) until further notice.

This is to inform you that as well as ‘hand in’ being cancelled, the gallery has closed until further notice.  We do not know what this means for our show, Plantae 2020.

Right now it is hard to envisage the show going ahead as so much has to happen before it, but we are just not in a position to say much.  So we won’t! 

We have no more information right now, so are really unable to answer questions, not least as many of us are holed up with vulnerable relatives and or trying to sort out other urgent arrangements.  

We are thinking of all our artists and members and send our very best wishes, especially as some of our artists are more senior in years and most of us have older or more vulnerable family members – these are difficult and challenging times for us all.  One great comfort is being joined with each other in solidarity within our artistic community.  Let the creating continue!

Gael Sellwood and Billy Showell


For reasons beyond our control this years exhibition may not go ahead. Therefore any costs incurred by artists in relation to preparing for the exhibition are made by them and are their responsibility and are at the artist’s risk. This includes, costs of transport, framing, shipping and travel and any such related costs.  In the event that the UK government places restrictions on public travel or public events in public places, or that Mall Galleries decides that the hand in or the exhibition cannot take place, then we will be required to comply with these conditions. Obviously, these are beyond the control of the Society, and the Society will not be held accountable.  Therefore, artists are required to consider the current situation and to make their own individual decisions.