Palmengarten Exhibition 2018

The Seasonal Garden

Well, everything is hotting up now. Posters, Flyers and Invitation Cards are now on their way to print.

We are all looking forward to the private view on 25th October at 19.00 hours. This will take place in the Palm House as with previous years.  Our principal hosts for 2018 include Floria Landgravine of Hesse, the new director of the Palmengarten Dr. Katja Heubach and of course our own Billy Showell. Giving an introduction to the show,  will also be a new face, Patricia Germandi who heads the department of Culture.

We have over 150 pieces of art to display and this year we are offering two workshops.  One is to take place on the 3rd November and the second on the 10th November. This is the first time we have done this and the places are already being booked up.

As most of you know, we have a competition for the best in show.  This year Boesner art supplies are supporting us. They are donating a Schminke Watercolour set as first prize and a painting easel as second prize.  This year the public will also be able to win an art prize in a draw, they will receive a wooden boxed set of  polychromos coloured pencils kindly donated from Faber Castell.

The picture that you will recognize the exhibition by is Julie Whelan’s ‘Cannonball Tree’.  This has been chosen as the main work for promoting the exhibition, there are of course several others ………

It’s going to be a great show so come along and join us!