How to become a member

The Society welcomes artists with botanical expertise to apply for membership. Applicants should submit work for selection and inclusion in our annual exhibition stating their intent at the required time. The expectations are high and regardless of style and discipline, work should always display a high standard and feature good botanical reference. International artists should refer to the secretary for additional information.

There are two stages to becoming a Full member. Applicants will be considered for election to Associate Memberhip status once a year when submitting work for the annual open exhibition. The requirement is for an artist to establish a record of a consistency of standard by having all 5 pieces of work selected for exhibition over two consecutive years. In exceptional circumstances the Society may invite a botanical artist of outstanding merit to become, either an associate or full member in their first year of application. *An RHS gold or silver medal winner or similar could be deemed eligible. Once elected as an Associate member an artist may remain at that level for three years only but would be expected to apply for Full membership in their fourth year.

*A fast-track method is also offered to students who gained a Distinction in the Society’s Distance Learning Diploma Course: they are required to submit 6 pieces of work to be considered for Associate Membership status in one year. This opportunity must be taken up within three years of graduating. If unsuccessful via this route they would then revert to the two-year requirement in the same way as all other applicants.

Full membership is not automatic but at the discretion of the Selection Committee dependent on the standard of work submitted in the year of application.

Any artist with the relevant skills who is interested should indicate their wish to be considered as an applicant for Associate Membership on the exhibition submission forms. They should then submit a total of five pieces of work on line for pre selection to the annual exhibition. All five works need to be accepted at this stage and the applicant will then be invited to bring these same five works for final selection at the relevant time. Acceptance to Associate Membership will not be automatic should any work be rejected at the final selection stage. Dates and further details about the full process will be available by late January 2017